Radar Band Of The Week No:100 – Theme Park

“We went swimming in Lake Geneva yesterday. Marcus told me there are these weird crabs in the water,” says Miles Haughton of rising Londoners Theme Park, eyeing his twin brother suspiciously.

“They bury their eggs under your skin,” nods Marcus perkily. “They can’t get inside your body but they make you really… itchy.” As Miles looks anxiously down at his arms, bandmate Oscar Manthorpe appears through the foliage of the leafy smoking area. The trio have only just arrived back in the country from Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival – one of many bigtime slots they’ve got lined up for the summer. They can officially be called ‘headliners’ too, now, thanks to topping the bill at Cornwall’s Knee Deep bash on August 11. “That’s kind of scary, headlining a festival,” says Miles with a nervous grin. “We’ll have their revelry on our shoulders!”

Not that Theme Park should be too worried. In little over a year since forming, they’ve hit the road with Summer Camp and Bombay Bicycle Club, and marked themselves out as the successors to their touring pals’ indie-pop crowns. They’ve even got other bands’ fans shouting their names.

“When we supported Mystery Jets at Brixton Academy people started chanting for us… individually!” recalls Miles, adding coyly, “they didn’t chant my name though. I just assumed it was self-explanatory so they didn’t need to chant ‘Miles is great’…”

Both Marcus and Miles grew up knocking around with some of their more well-known friends, at one point even playing in a jazz band with Bombay drummer Suren de Saram. Come October, they’ll get the chance to win over a whole new load of fans when Bloc Party take them on their comeback tour (which came about after Kele Okereke caught them live a few months ago). This all fits into their grand gameplan for the rest of 2012, with Miles namechecking The Maccabees as the blueprint for the band’s ethos. “We want to make an optimistic, happy record,” he states, “and doing the album is going to be the highlight of our year, undoubtedly.”

Need To Know:
Based: London
For fans of: Bombay Bicycle Club, The Maccabees
Buy It: New single ‘Jamaica’ is released on August 20
See Them Live: They play London’s Birthdays (August 13) and a host of festivals including Tramlines (July 21), Reading (August 25) and Leeds (August 26)
Believe it or not: Twins Marcus and Miles are named after two jazz greats: Marcus Miller and Miles Davis