Radar Band Of The Week No:101 – Splashh

I’ve broken both my ankles, my leg, my ribs, my arms, my collar bone…” lists Sasha Carlson. “I’ve fallen 20 feet out of a tree into an upside-down wheelbarrow. I’m invincible.”

Welcome to Britain’s most hardcore new indie band. But while 22-year-old frontman Sasha may be more prone to near-death experiences than most, his music is treating him rather well right now. At least, in his head it is. “When we get to a bigger level,” he states assuredly, “we’re going to only request cocktail mixers and a recipe book on our rider. We’re gonna have the drums under palm trees, too.” “We’ll walk onstage with frozen banana daiquiris in our hands, vibing out to some deep ’90s house like, ‘Yo, what’sup, Barcelona!’” adds drummer Jacob Moore, imaginary glass held proudly aloft.


It’s taken Splashh just six months to reach these levels of hypothetical majesty, having swiftly made their way from blogosphere newcomers to being one of the most promising bands in the country. With three of them trading the paradise of their Antipodean homelands for the scummy sprawl of east London, Sasha and guitarist Toto Vivian formed the band in February and then let debut single ‘All I Wanna Do’ – an essential slice of blissed-out, summer grunge – do all the hard work
for them.

Indeed, right now, those pipeline dreams of Club Tropicana-style revelry aren’t that far outta sight. “We did Latitude recently,” sighs Toto, speaking about their first festival date. “I was chasing the promoter around asking for free drinks – we were so hungover before we played that I was shaking.”

A second single, ‘Need It’, is released this week, with plans for the band’s first full-length also firmly in motion. “We want to go to Spain, record the album on the beach and keep the cocktail thing going,” Sasha declares, before Toto butts in. “It’ll come with a special recipe, too – make yourself this cocktail then listen to the album. You’ll like it after five!”

Judging from their short but exhilarating existence so far, whatever Splashh put out will sound blisteringly vital – no matter how bruised or broken its creators are.

Need To Know:
Based: London
For fans of: Wavves, Gross Magic
Buy it now: New single ‘Need It’ is out now via LuvLuvLuv
See them live: Splashh hit up an array of festivals including Beacons (August 18), Underage (August 31) and Festival No 6 (September 15)
Believe it or not: Toto and Jacob met over Skype just one week before the band’s first show.


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