Radar Band Of The Week – No.107: Swim Deep

“Get some beers. And some crisps. Get FOUR bags of variety crisps,” Swim Deep singer Austin Williams instructs drummer Zach Robinson. These are the luxuries that getting signed can give you. Swim Deep make songs that sound like the summer, and for some time now they’ve been on the radar of everyone in the music biz who likes to take their rays aurally. Having dated labels galore like a randy bull that won’t settle down, they finally took the plunge a month ago and signed with RCA.

“You’ve gotta look past the cocaine,” Austin offers of their choice. “Learn to sniff out the bad guys in the label business. And I think RCA are the good guys. Right now we’re at the bottom of the ladder and it’s how we choose to climb it that’ll decide where we end up. But we’ve got our hard hats with us.”

In their own words, Swim Deep reckon they sound like Duran Duran mixed with One Direction. And they’re being serious. In reality though, they sound like getting high in the sunshine, and call to mind Wavves singing the early anthems of The Stone Roses.

Like their B-Town pals Peace and Troumaca, the summer of 2012 has been well and truly good to Swim Deep. “Upcoming dates? Not with girls,” quips Austin when asked about their future plans. “But we are touring with Spector and Splashh in October, and we’ve made a pact with Splashh to prank them every single day.”

So with a deal, an upcoming tour and a debut album on the way (“We have to, we signed for it!”), the big question is whether they’re getting any closer to Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg – the object of the band’s collective desire in their breakthrough song ‘King City’ – is them. “I don’t think she is actually,” Austin mourns. “But I hope she writes us a comeback song – we could be like Frankie and Eamon.”

What all this frippery boils down to is that Swim Deep are here to shake things up. Way back in 2004, Franz Ferdinand said they wanted to make girls dance. These guys are flicking two fingers in the face of that: they won’t rest until everyone’s naked and jumping around deliriously on a rainbow of tie-dye. While surrounded by shedloads of free crisps and beer, of course. Amy Sumner

Amy Sumner

Need To Know

Based: Birmingham
For Fans Of: Wavves, Peace
Buy It Now: New single ‘Honey’ is available on limited-edition vinyl and digital download
See Them Live: They support Spector on their Enjoy It While It Lasts tour throughout October
Believe It Or Not: Bassist Cavan met 1D’s Harry Styles at Dalston hipster hangout Birthdays. “He tweeted me and I got about 1,000 followers from that alone. Now I get hate from One Direction fans daily…”