Radar Band Of The Week – No.108: Metz

It’s all about Zen, man,” chuckles Metz’s scraggly singer Alex Edkins. He’s busy laying out the manifesto for the Canadian trio’s no-future hardcore racket, before momentarily wrenching the tongue from his cheek: “But seriously, for a gang of noisy noise-rock dudes, we’re actually a pretty peaceful bunch.”

Watch out, Grohl: this lot might just be the new nicest guys in rock. Not only that – they’re cooler than QOTSA and fuckloads feistier than Foo Fighters ever were. What’s more, while their fellow Canadians Grimes, Sean Nicholas Savage and Doldrums are ripping up the ‘cool’ book at present, Metz’s wares are more of the primeval, smack-in-the-mouth variety. Gloriously abrasive on record, their earlobe-savaging live shows are the stuff of legend. The next step? Releasing their ferociously anthemic self-titled debut album this October.


“For us, it’s not a competition,” dictates Alex when we bring up the topic of where his band fit into the rich musical pickings coming out of Canada right now. “So I’m not gonna talk shit about anyone. If they’re working hard to do what they love then more power to ’em – that’s what we’re doing. Do I like all that music? God, no! But, you know… do I like our music? Yes.”

He’s not alone: since Alex and drummer Hayden Menzies upped sticks from “stale” Ottawa four years back, Metz have gathered a mushroom-cloud head of steam. Toronto hardcore kings Cancer Bats – who initially tipped Radar off about the band – are practically foaming at the fangs, while Mudhoney are confirmed fans too.

Now signed to Sub Pop, Alex says the band’s crowds have tripled – something they’re keen to run with. “People are having more fun,” adds bassman Chris Slorach. “That’s
the impression we get from looks on faces and their weird dance moves. But I just hope that it never gets out of control or dangerous.”

“Yeah, you try to keep it light,” Alex nods. “It’s aggressive music, but it’s done with a wink and a smile. We don’t want anyone doing anything stupid.”

With that in mind, the stupidest thing you could do is not turn up when Metz hit the UK next month…

Jazz Monroe


Need To Know
For Fans Of: No Age, Nirvana
Based: Toronto, Canada
See Them Live: Their UK tour kicks off October 20 in Brighton
Buy It Now: Debut album ‘Metz’ is released on October 15
Believe It Or Not: At one point the band shared rehearsal space with Fucked Up


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