Radar Band Of The Week No:96 – ‘Disclosure’



There’s a Disclosure superfan on Twitter, @CarolynTickle. She posts every photo that’s ever been taken of them, has an obsessive fan blog and natters away with Annie Mac about their new tunes. “Oh, that’s our mum,” says Guy Lawrence, the elder brother of the familial dance duo (pictured above right). “She’s documenting everything. If we ever need a press photo, she’s got a massive scrapbook of all the clippings.”

It’s not surprising she’s struggling to let go of her boys. Howard and Guy were both at school when they started Disclosure. Even now, they’re ostensibly still living at home, although the past few weeks have seen them flying off to Bucharest, Krakow and Mannheim to play 4am live shows. It’s getting harder to make it back for tea.

“I was doing my music technology A-level,” says Guy on first making music with his brother. “One day I walked in on Howard making a beat on his laptop. I mixed it in the back of my car. That was the first single released on Moshi Moshi.”

An obvious Chicago house influence is rewired through the breakneck whirr of early noughties bassline garage. “We hate that term ‘bass music’,” says Howard. “Our songs don’t sound like normal house tunes – a beat, a drop and a beat. There are chords and melody in them; we play instruments in our live shows. We listen to bands and singer-songwriters and try to craft our music around that.”

The two songs on single ‘Flow’/‘Tenderly’ were chopped-up reworkings of their mates ad-libbing nonsense. Their stunning remix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ came about after they met her at a party. With new EP ‘The Face’, Disclosure are leading the charge as UK dance music swerves away from the womp womp and towards house and disco.

All that with just a music tech A-level between them. So does everything they touch turn to gold? “You said it, not us, mate!” laughs Guy. Young, cocky and talented, it’s obvious Disclosure have ambitions way beyond the back seat of Howard’s car. Mum had better get a bigger scrapbook.
Sam Wolfson

Need To Know

Based: Croydon
For Fans Of: SBTRKT, Mount Kimbie
Buy It Now: Check out new EP ‘The Face’ released on Greco-Roman
See Them Live: They DJ at Visions in Dalston, London, on June 29 and play a host of Euro festivals this summer
Believe It Or Not: Single ‘What’s In Your Head’ was cut together with some softcore porn by a fan. It’s now had over 1,000,000 views on YouTube

This article originally appeared in the June 30th issue of NME

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