Radar Band Of The Week – Younghusband

Younghusband’s debut album, ‘Dromes’, won’t be the most frightening album released this year, but the home that inspired it is the stuff death-metal dreams are made of.

“When I was writing the record I was living on my own in this cheap block of flats,” says singer Euan Hinshelwood. Turns out the building was once a bank, then a halfway house for drug addicts with grim bathrooms.”

“They were like big wet-rooms, so if someone overdosed and died they could just be dragged in and hosed down while their room was sorted out,” he explains. “That was years before I moved in, but there was still a very strange atmosphere there.”


He’s since moved on to slightly more salubrious surroundings, but the fruits of those dark days can be heard when ‘Dromes’ is released on September 16 through Sonic Cathedral.

Hinshelwood first dreamed up Younghusband as a teenager and released a handful of low-key EPs, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that he recruited his friends Joe Chilton, Adam Beach and Pete Baker to flesh the project out into a full band.

When it was time to record their debut LP, as a fan of Nicolas Vernhes’ work with Deerhunter and Silver Jews, Hinshelwood sent a speculative letter and demos to the New York producer, even though they couldn’t afford to pay him. Impressed, Vernhes cleared a two-week window to record their album in return for his airfare and ‘Dromes’ was recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire.

“He was so New York about it,” says bassist Joe Chilton. “Just, like, ‘Whatever, it’s great, move on.’ He gave us real confidence.”

The debut’s title track, boldly placed as the album’s finale, whirls around, building from drums and bass to a feedback-laden giant. It’s a far cry from where it was written; while some band they were supporting did their soundcheck, Younghusband wrote the song in the venue’s toilet.

“It’s about keeping things simple,” says Hinshelwood. “It’s the same way I write most songs. Not in toilets, mind.”


Listen to the album exclusively on NME.com com below:

BASED: London
FOR FANS OF: Ride, Felt
SEE THEM LIVE: They tour the UK from September 17
BUY IT NOW: New single ‘Silver Sisters’ is out for International Cassette Store Day on Sept 7. Album ‘Dromes’ is out on Sept 16
ON NME.COM: Album title track ‘Dromes’ is on the site
BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Euan went to the same primary school, Beechfield in Watford, as Spice Girl Geri Halliwell