Radar Guest Column: Girl Band’s Dara Kiely’s New Music Playlist

In one of NME’s regular new music columns, Girl Band frontman Dara Kiely singles out his favourite new acts right now. Read why and listen to the lot below.

We’ve been a part of the Irish independent music scene in some shape or form since we were about 15 years old, and I think I can relate to it more so now than ever before. Small indie labels are popping up everywhere. From the pretty pop-tastical Popical Island collective to the jazz-indie-inspired Trout Records, it’s a lovely thing to witness.

Everyone having access to any track in the world in a matter of moments has inspired some unique sounds. There seems to be no single influence on this generation of bands and it is easy to develop a personal microcosm and avoid what you don’t like, however how much coverage it receives. That seems to be the plan – hopefully.

Which brings me to Tongue Bundle. Thar be evidence of no wave, and they’re obviously big James Chance fans, which is cool and apparent. Their Sun Ra-inspired noise shines over the shadows of their influences. They are kin to the contemporary nature of Kendrick Lamar’s recent belter ‘For Free?’ (minus the sass). When I saw them in The Bernard Shaw venue in Dublin last week the Batistuta-ian trumpet player was sporting an Argentina jersey. Class act!

Paddy Hanna’s a good guy. I was really into Scott Walker around the time I saw Paddy play first. The haunted ghosts of ‘Scott 4’ linger in his playing. I’d really love him to do a cover of ‘Duchess’ or something. The songs share a similar gallop to Parquet Courts or Modern Lovers. He’s got a wide-ranging music knowledge and is humbly opinionated in his manner. A true gent with a unique sense of humour, which is really needed at the moment.

A guy called Ian Maleney used to run a label called Quarter Inch Collective and he’d issue an annual mix cassette with Irish bands covering a track that was released within the year. We did it twice, and that’s how I came across the next act I want to talk about, Simon Bird. I was paying more attention to krautrock and electronic music; bands like Neu!, Faust and Can were really catching my eye. Simon seemed to channel those influences in a contemporary and noisy manner. He showed me bands like Melt Banana, which makes total sense to his vibe. His first album, ‘Sport’, is a mindfuck and a lot of craic.

Tongue Bundle – Schleepface

Paddy Hanna – Austria

Simon Bird – DRONE 24 11 14