Radar Live Kicks The Hell Off

Radar had another little party the other night. It was nothing but pure distilled aceness.

It kicked off our new monthly residency @ Upstairs At The Garage, in Highbury, London, under the banner of ‘Radar Live’.

As a brief means of explanation, every month we’re hosting in this very special intimate setting (just 120 peeps), a showcase of our current Radar stars and breakthrough alumni. It’s like totally a kinda ‘I swear I was there!’ type scenario…

We foolishly booked Gaggle to open, forgetting that their alto section alone would fill-up 60% of our capacity

Wolfgang did his thing next. Bolstering his bold claim to Number 1 Cheekboned Cred-pop Solo Male 2009.

Marina And The Diamonds topped the bill. I sat here staring at my monitor for approx 37 minutes wracking my brains as to a glowing, pithy remark to make about Marina, until I finally realised that I have in fact totally exhausted every single possible combination of positive/pithalicious adjectives in relation to her over the past twelve months. So I’m settling with: ‘Marina, she’s good.’

Next month we have another killer night lined-up. Headlined by New York’s splendid indie quartet The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, and support from two -for the time being secret – acts we’re VERY amped/pumped/stoked/etc about, one solo lass from down south, and one nonsensically named four-piece from up north. Cannee wait.