Radar Recommends: This Many Boyfriends’ Alternative Debut Video

So last weeks Radar About To Break band were This Many Boyfriends – the latest, greatest Leeds guitar band who are dead-set on kicking music in the goolies and then running around laughing about it.

They’re a little bit like The Cribs, but not that much, and hark back to the halcyon days of rain, dourness, pouring rain, crap radiators and THE POWER OF A GREAT POP SONG PUT THROUGH A DISTORTION PEDAL! Remember those days? Us neither, really, but the point is they sound fucking great.

To celebrate them being in the mag we asked them to do something creative’n’original for us, so they came up with this, the alternative video to their ace debut single ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ (out now):

I can spot the hallowed Jekyll & Hyde guitar distortion pedal in there (as favoured by both Albert AND Nick in The Strokes), and what looks suspiciously like a Special Needs seven-inch being held by singer Richard Brooke. Hmm.

If all that wasn’t enough, here’s the official vid to the track:

So come on, bit of friendly rivalry, which is better?