Radar Roundup – July 3, 2020: The killer new music you need to hear this week

NME‘s Radar Roundup is your weekly reminder of the rule-breaking rising artists you cannot afford to ignore right now. From interviews to reviews and track recommendations, this is where you’ll met your favourite new artist.


Each week, we meet the most exciting new names in the game. This week, Pottery recount their unglamorous and unintentionally hilarious tour tales, Holly Humberstone gives her take on the universality of her spectral synth-pop and punk duo Nova Twins talk racism in rock and how they’re opening doors for others.


Montreal five-piece Pottery guide us through the inspiration behind their restless, guitar-driven debut album ‘Welcome To Bobby’s Motel’, a wild homage to a life of crappy motels, fast food and the mundane realities of touring as an emerging artist. Pretty bittersweet right now, huh? Read the full interview Rhys Buchanan

Holly Humberstone

“People connect with my songs because I keep the lyrics about real things that are going on in my life,” rising 20 year-old singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone offers as an explanation for why her fanbase has already grown so much in 2020. “I want people to feel connected to me on a personal level through my music.” Read the full interview Sophie Williams

Nova Twins

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello reckons the London punk duo are the best band “you’ve never heard of”, and their colourful and hyperactive debut record refuses to play by anyone else’s rules. Ignore Nova Twins at your peril. Read the full interview Ali Shutler


Never let a killer release fly under the radar: get our verdict on Remi Wolf’s feel-good major label debut, south London rapper Deema’s confidently witty EP and bdrmm’s instant shoegaze classic.

Remi Wolf – ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs!’ EP

A flamboyant collage of colourful, candyfloss pop music that sticks together vignettes of her love life, hedonism and humdrum hindrances, Wolf’s stories are consequently vivid: as full of character as they are of characters. Key track: ‘Down The Line!’ Read the full review Charlotte Krol

Deema - Chew Your Food

Deema – ‘Chew Your Food’ EP

There’s something effortlessly brilliant about Deema’s presence on his debut solo EP: maybe it’s his consistent delivery of compelling and rhythmic lyrical blows, which make him seem wise beyond his years. Keep a close eye on the rising south London rapper as he’s already carving out his own exciting niche of wry, experimental rap. Key track: ‘Hash Brown’ Read the full review Georgia Evans

Bdrmm – ‘Bedroom’

Vulnerability seeps through ‘Bedroom’ at every turn, but it’s veiled in a relatable beauty that’s both meditative and cleansing. Despite it only being their debut album, bdrmm have already mastered that fine art of conveying emotion through their music with a deft intelligence. Key track: ‘A Reason To Celebrate’ Read the full review Rhys Buchanan

New Bangers

NME’s New Bangers is our weekly updated playlist full of the essential new tunes you need in your life.

Alfie Templeman – ‘Obvious Guy’

Funking hell, this one’s good! Bedfordshire’s Alfie Templeman ended last year on billboards in New York’s Time Square, which isn’t bad for a 17-year-old without an album – so where’s new EP ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ going to take him? God only knows, but the boy’s got some serious songwriting chops already – think Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ meets regional day-glo indie disco. Thomas Smith

Rachel Chinouriri – ‘Beautiful Disaster’

Londoner Rachel Chinouriri and collaborator Sam Dotia look to the great outdoors for inspiration on new single ‘Beautiful Disaster’. Inspired by the aura of being lost deep in the woodlands, this soothing number offers a brief respite to reconnect with nature and admire the power of the world around us. Thomas Smith

Duma – ‘Lionsblood’

Nairobi-based grindcore duo Duma have announced that their debut project is out in August, and shared ‘Lionsblood’ as a little taster. It’s brutal, unsettling stuff full of punishing beats, searing guitars and pained, direct vocals. A rare unique and memorable arrival. Thomas Smith

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