Radar Roundup – November 20, 2020: The killer new music you need to hear this week

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This week, Baby Queen details her life online, Stats’ Ed Seed reflects on his Welsh upbringing, Fousheé finally gets what she’s owed and Melbourne’s shit-hot new group Romero talk being the scenes new troublemakers.

Baby Queen

Listening to Baby Queen’s Bella Latham talk, it seems impossible that there might be an alternate reality where she isn’t on the road to pop superstardom. She dissects her story as a songwriter so far into “eras” like a veteran artist several albums deep, has an astute vision of who she is as a musician and, crucially, has the drive, work ethic and determination that doesn’t allow failure to be an option. No wonder she’s killing it. Read the full interview Rhian Daly


Romero bill themselves as a power pop band, which makes sense up to a point. Though the truth is it’s a bit of an over-simplification. Gleaming new wave is an undeniable influence – Blondie is a personal favourite of Oliver’s – but a decidedly dyspeptic undercurrent lurks just beneath the surface, vestiges perhaps of the many short-lived punk bands from their teen years. With new single ‘Troublemaker’, they have delivered their most essential distillation of Romero yet. Read the full interview Jonathan Garrett


When Brittany Fousheé wrote the opening lyrics to her song ‘Deep End’ in 2018, little did she know how prescient her message would be: “I been trying not to go off the deep end / I don’t think you wanna give me a reason”. Then in 2020, you may well have heard its melancholy, compelling melody bouncing around your social media or Spotify recommendations. There’s just something about Fousheé’s vulnerable but fearless vocal that has captured the mood of our current times, and sent it straight to the Number One spot on TikTok and Shazam’s most-played charts. Read the full interview Caitlin O’Reilly


Last October, Ed Seed and his merry gang headed to the region in Wales where he grew up to ponder on the ties that bound him to that part of the world. The resulting album is typically brilliant electro-pop, with ruminations on the role of nature (‘Come With Me’), the end of the world (‘Kiss Me Like It’s Over’) but never abandons the funky frills heard on 2019’s debut ‘Other People’s Lives’. Meanwhile, ‘Naturalise Me’, Old Flames’ and ‘Out Of Body’ may well be some of the best songs they’ve ever created. Read the full interview Thomas Smith


Never let a killer new release fly under your radar. PVA’s thumping debut was poised to run sweaty dancefloors this winter, but for now ‘Toner’ and its assorted remixes will have to do the trick.

PVA – ‘Toner’ EP

There’s an admirable clarity of purpose to ‘Toner’ that suggests PVA are only just beginning to flex their creative muscles and when we can finally see them in full flow again, preferably somewhere loud and sweaty, it’ll be a moment to cherish. Key track: ‘Talks’ Read the full review Luke Cartledge

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Biig Piig – ‘Feels Right’

Smoothboi Ezra – ‘My Own Person’

Dry Cleaning – ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’

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