Radar Roundup – November 6, 2020: The killer new music you need to hear this week

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This week, west Londoners Chubby and The Gang speak on the upcoming reissue of their thrilling debut, MONEYPHONE’s community and compassion makes our hearts ache, and Jade Bird announces her long-awaited comeback.

Chubby and The Gang

With the re-release of debut album ‘Speed Kills’ just around the corner, the lightning-in-a-bottle frenzy that hardcore punks Chubby and The Gang managed to capture on that record will rightly come to light once more, further cementing their status as the scene’s clear frontrunners. Read the full interview Max Pilley


Watching MONEYPHONE’s new video for their single ‘Indecision’ is as painful as it is joyous. Recorded pre-lockdown in the duo’s Toronto home, the clip is a wholesome ode to friendship: their friends and collaborators hug, chat, smile and skip their way around as sunlight seeps in through the windows. What was initially created as a celebration of the community that surrounds the band has now become a time capsule of a simpler moment before lockdown separated us from one another. Read the full interview Will Richards

Jade Bird

Jade Bird’s 2019 debut balanced “intricate songwriting that favours minimalist balladry among emotional turmoil”, and the drama is yet to calm down. As she announces her comeback, Bird tells us about recording an album in a pandemic, why ‘Headstart’ feels like community and the government’s “appalling” handling of musicians affected by the coronavirus crisis. Read the full interview Rhian Daly


Never let a killer new release fly under your radar. This week, Bree Runway enlists an all-star cast for new EP, while Master Peace and Tiña make music for the heart and the head.

Bree Runway - '2000AND4EVA'

Bree Runway – ‘200AND4EVA’

While paying homage to that period, ‘2000AND4EVA’ also forcefully challenges the white supremacy that has historically underpinned the music industry’s manufacturing of the ‘popstar’. The Hackney-raised Bree has always been outspoken on issues surrounding misogynoir, but by its nature alone ‘2000AND4EVA’ is a radical move as a pop project that unapologetically centres Black womanhood. Key track: ‘ATM’ Read the full review Timi Sotire

Master Peace

Master Peace – ‘Love Bites’

The coherency and success of ‘Love Bites’ doesn’t mean we’ll see Master Peace in this shape forever; it’s equally likely he’ll pivot to another rap EP, or follow up his SG Lewis collaboration with more of that ilk, becoming an in-demand vocalist for dance producers. The uncertainty is exciting, though, and kind of the whole point – rock stars are those who do whatever they want. Key track: ‘PNE’ Read the full review Will Richards

Tiña – ‘Postive Mental Health Music’

‘Positive Mental Health Music’ is chaotic and warm at the same time but there’s star quality at every turn. As well as being a champagne moment for Dan Carey and Speedy Wunderground – who have been an unstoppable force for alternative music in recent years – this seals these cowboys as a serious entity in modern day psych. Read the full review Key track: ‘Golden Rope’ Rhys Buchanan

New Bangers

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BENEE – ‘Happen To Me’

Bob Vylan – ‘Northern Line’

Baby Queen – ‘Want Me’

Low Hummer – ‘Take Arms’

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