Radar Roundup – October 23, 2020: The killer new music you need to hear this week

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This week, Atlanta’s Baby Rose on embracing her unique singing voice, Bea Miller embraces her political side on her new EP, and South East Londoner Enny shouts out her community with ‘Peng Black Girls’.

Baby Rose

The Atlanta star knew from an early age that her voice was entirely unique, but with her upcoming material, she’s now able to find joy in standing out from the pack. “I know that I’m a vocal anomaly and I love that. But the message has always been at the forefront for me, the music is just a conduit to get the point across of who I am,” she says. Read the full interview Georgia Evans

Bea Miller

Bea Miller’s new EP ‘elated!’ shows a side to that’s yet to be uncovered; one that’s fiercely political and unafraid to get personal. And having nearly a decade in the game under her belt, she’s ready to move on from the people silencing her: “I think people had this idea that a young woman in pop music should not be sharing her worldly views. I think that a lot of people care about that!” Read the full interview Hannah Mylrea


Community is at the heart of everything that Enny creates. One of South East London’s finest rappers’ third single ‘Peng Black Girls’ acts a bold celebration of black womanhood and laced over soulful keys and a low-key drumbeat is the reminder: “We gon’ be alright, OK”. The track is a mantra and a reminder to black women everywhere that they can find solace in a world that makes them feel disrespected, censured and overlooked. Read the full interview Timi Sotire


Never let a killer new release fly under your radar. This week, Ela Minus takes on the world, Wallows make hay in lockdown and Keep Dancing Inc. take influence from both sides of the Channel on pulsating debut.

Ela Minus

Ela Minus – ‘Acts of Rebellion’

The first sound that’s heard on one-woman electronic orchestra Ela Minus’ debut album is a long, deep breath. It reflects the Bogotá-born Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and former hardcore drummer’s unceasing spirit. You sense that this moment of preparation is Minus gearing up for the fight of her life. Key track: ‘Dominique’ Read the full review Ben Jolley

Keep Dancing Inc – Embrace

Parisian trio Keep Dancing Inc. are, as their name suggests, fully aware that the process of creating sounds to make bodies move is big business. On the evidence of this debut album, they have done extensive market research, too, although less predominantly in their home country than you might imagine. ‘Embrace’ is more attuned to the electro-flavoured indie dancefloor fillers of the last two decades from across the Channel than it is to the traditions of French dance music. Read the full review Key track: ‘Could U Stop’ Max Pilley


Wallows – ‘Remote’ EP

Wallows aren’t out to re-write the history books of indie, but they’re clearly getting a kicks from exploring and pushing the genre into new ground. It’s an EP that offers up both clarity and consistency, serving as yet another reminder that lockdown wasn’t lost on everyone. This is a dizzying and immersive reintroduction of a band on top of their game. Read the full review Key track: ‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You)’ Rhys Buchanan

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Arlo Parks – ‘Green Eyes’

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