Radar Tip Of The Day 100: Arthur Beatrice

Now then, don’t get too confused about Arthur Beatrice. It’s not a guy, it’s a band. There’s four of them! They come from London! And when Radar caught them at the Shacklewell Arms the other day we were really rather impressed.

Arthur Beatrice

I’d heard lots of whispers about the fourpiece over the past year – everyone seemingly sworn to absolute secrecy – but no actual music until a few months back. Seems there are changes afoot though, because earlier this week they totally revamped their website and dropped this great new song, under the title ‘What We Hoped To Achieve’.

Arthur Beatrice
Photo: Jack Taylor

Apparently they’ve already nailed their debut album. Here’s hoping it’s all as good as that. They’re big hopes for 2012, without a doubt.