Radar Tip Of The Day 108: Money

A few facts about Money, Manchester’s brightest, youngest and probably uneasiest new things:


Pic: Press

1) They’ve had a load of different names since half-emerging 18 months ago. These include Youth, Books and Meke Menete.
2) They’ve played it remarkably low key so far, with sod all online presence* and a mere handful of gigs to their name.
3) Singer Jamie Lee appeared naked on the front of their debut release, released via fine local independent Sways Records.

*Sod all until now, that is. The band joined Facebook on Monday, peppering their page with their back catalogue to date, and some details of a few French gigs this February.

Reviewing their recent Sacred Trinity Church gig in Salford for Radar, writer Simon Jay Catling said he felt it hard “not to be pulled in” by the band, which seems to encapsulate the general gist of what other Manchester converts are saying about them at present.

Check the below song ‘Boredom’ from their December gig for Now Wave, which really kicks into action around the four minute mark, and imagine what the band could do with a few more gigs under their belt: