Radar Tip Of The Day 109: Childhood

London (via Nottingham) based Childhood have been sneaking their way out of the underground for nigh on six months now, drawing praise from The Maccabees and Alex Kapranos along the way. I think their latest track – Mount Chiliad (below) – is their finest yet.


I also think frontman Ben Romans Hopcroft is a total dude. Squint a bit and he looks a tad like Phil Lynott, but properly catch him onstage and you’ll see he’s cut from a totally different cloth.

The band’s music – unashamedly 80s sounding indie that’s a bit bruised, a bit stoned – reflects him pretty well, I think, with early track ‘Blue Velvet’ easily one of the most impressive (and played) demos I got given last year:

Here’s the band’s new track: