Radar Tip Of The Day 113: Apes & Horses

I can’t actually remember who tipped me Apes & Horses, but the live version of their song ‘The Fields’ (below) floored me upon hearing it.

Apes & Horses

Pic: Press

It’s beautifully epic, merging dubby bass with one of the catchiest Foalsian choruses by a new band you’ll hear all year. As I mentioned, it’s filmed live – which only goes to show how tight the French fourpiece are at present (despite it being so early on).

They’re from Paris, a city which to my ears at least seems to be alive with great new bands at present (see also La Femme, who head over to the UK in the next few weeks), and they’ve played a few shows supporting WU LYF there – a band with whom they now share management.

I’m also all over the scraggy, shouty chorus that kicks in around 1:23 mark on the properly-recorded ‘Miracles’, below – which sounds sort of like a lo-fi Springsteen and kicks along with ample strut’n’swagger: