Radar Tip Of The Day 114: Holy Esque

Been a while since Glasgow’s produced a band as downright meaty as Holy Esque.

Holy Esque
Photo: Jamie Logie

The fourpiece recently hooked up with Kevin Burleigh to record this track below – Burleigh’s the same guy who pulled a similar trick with Glasvegas a few years ago by recording their demos (and is still their soundman). And I guess it’s not churlish to see a few similarities with the two bands – HE really benefit from that everything up to ten factor, but also know their way around a riff that kinda sounds like classic Bunnymen played by James Dean Bradfield.

There’s a slight US alt vibe in there too (something also pointed out by the folks at Killing Moon Limited) which, with all that said, means you’ll be needing to play this loud:

There’s also this, which comes on like a slowed down Velvets retread: