Radar Tip Of The Day 115: Rangleklods

A delectably OTT tip all the way from Denmark, today…


Yup, Rangleklods. Weird name. Doesn’t really translate to anything. Not sure if I like it. But that doesn’t matter, really, because the track below – ‘Young And Dumb’ – is all kinds of electropopfuzz mentalness. You’ve gotta stick with it to the 3:30 mark, when it stops abruptly, and returns having morphed itself into something truly brilliant, hypnotic, warped and alien sounding all at once.

According to Brighton’s perennially on-the-ball Recommender blog, everything’s entirely self-produced by Copenhagen-based Esben Andersen. There’s a new single, ‘Clouds’, due out in Denmark on February 20, with Anderson’s debut album ‘Beekeeper’ dropping in his home country on March 12.