Radar Tip Of The Day 115: Savages

Some people have said Savages lead singer Jehn’s vibe reminds them of Patti Smith. It’s early days yet – they’ve played one gig – but from the off I think there’s something a whole lot more straight-up and venomous about her than ole’ Pats. Fuck it, squint a bit and she’s even a bit like Steve Ignorant in the way she attacks the mic…


The video below (and also the still taken from it above), was brilliantly shot by Giorgio Testi at said debut gig (at London’s Shacklewell Arms a couple of weeks ago). It has been played loud and proud round these parts of late:

The band feature members of French lo-fi’s John & Jehn, and Neurotic Mass Movement. Their next gig is on Saturday (Feb 11) at London’s Buffalo Bar, and after that it’s another show in the smoke, on the 23rd at the Queen Of Hoxton.