Radar Tip Of The Day 119: Pond

Pond are fucking brilliant. We’ve got a story with them in this week’s mag where they say they want to come to the UK to play and record here soon. This needs to happen, because they’re about to release one of the best psych albums since Tame Impala’s ‘Innerspeaker’.

This in itself isn’t that weird – they are, after all, very much part of Tame’s scene, with that band’s rhythm section (Nick Allbrook and Jay Watson) taking the reigns here.

‘Beard Wives Denim’ – their fourth album – is released on March 12 over here, and it’s being streamed below. Our favourite song is track seven, ‘You Broke My Cool’, which sounds like all kinds of broken Bowie brilliance. Read Hamish MacBain’s brilliant 9/10 review of it here.

And here they are talking shit on a hammock: