Radar Tip Of The Day 122: Electric Guest

I saw these guys play their first ever show in the UK a couple of nights ago – first on at the Garage in London and playing to a room a third-full of industry. It was a last minute fly-by visit, apparently (they’ve left the country already), which really is the only reason I can think of why it wasn’t a complete sell out…

The story behind Electric Guest is pretty interesting – it’s two guys, essentially, with Asa (the singer, above right) being the brother of The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone. So…he’s worked on their musical stuff prior to EG, including co-writing and co-producing ‘Boombox’ (which featured a certain Julian Casablancas – remember?!).

Electric Guest is his main gig now, with drummer (and co-writer) Matthew Compton and a couple of session guys. Their new album, called ‘Mondo’ (out next month), was produced by Danger Mouse, and man, don’t it just sound it. This track, ‘American Daydream’, is DM in LA slacker mode, with Asa acting as the perfect richkid-with-a-voice foil:


There’s another track on the album which sounds shitloads like Voxtrot’s lost classic ‘The Start Of Something’ too, and is equally as Yanky-heartfelt (so, no bad thing).

And then there’s this – an EPIC nine-minute beast.

Like, who the fuck writes a nine-minute pop song these days anyway?