Radar Tip Of The Day 129: Churches

“I am going to copy your music, your style, your appearance, your way of living, your passports and your faces and nobody will notice and I will be so fucking cool….if it only were that easy. this is a very unique sound! good job people.”

And so says one of the comments currently setting Churches’ Soundcloud page alight, in reference to the song above, ‘Lies’.

The guys over at Glasgowpodcart picked up on the trio (who are apparently yet to play live) last week, divulging that they feature Martin Doherty from The Twilight Sad among their line-up. They don’t sound anything like that band though. As Neon Gold exclaimed, they’re a bit like what “post-apocalyptic Alphabeat as produced by Mark Foster” might sound like.

Or, as one of their user commenters rather marvellously put it: “Last time I heard a sound as big as this was when I saw an elephant sliding down a razor blade using it’s testicles for brakes.”

I’ll leave the rest to you lot then…