Radar Tip Of The Day 24: Deptford Goth

It’s near impossible to use the word avant-garde to describe any form of music, unless it’s like Phillip Glass, without sounding like a right ninny. But in the same breath, you couldn’t coin what – confusingly Peckham-based – auteur Deptford Goth does as straight ‘pop’.

Depford Goth
Photo: Press

Rather it’d probably be of vaguely more use to draw comparisons in approach – rather than actual sounds- to the likes of Twin Shadow and Perfume Genius. Their intimately sole-sculpted landscapes blend analog instrumentation and mangled bedroom synthetics, in this case conjuring a hazy slipstream of uneasy melodies and shuffling rhythms.

Most notably to date, his reinterpretation of Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy’ works an otherworldy magic: