Radar Tip Of The Day 45: Discopolis

Cop a load of this. Today’s tip Discopolis (see what we did there? Genius right? Nah? Fine then) have only got a few hundred Facebook likes, yet they come complete with their own video team.

The Edinburgh trio – reviewed live in the Radar section of this week’s issue of the mag – sound like the banging-est bits of Friendly Fires and (when they really go for it) Deadmau5 colliding in some student halls.

Their vids, of which there are many (all directed by some people who call themselves Quintana Films) are all gloriously quirky. Take the one below, ‘When Ghosts Get Angry’, which despite it’s apparent low budget, reminds us of various Talking Heads shorts and, more obviously (judging by the humanized-box/milk carton connection), Blur’s ‘Coffee & TV’.


Always funny to see a load of kids smashing the fuck out of electric guitars too, innit?

Anyway, the band have built up a sizable word-of-mouth following back home in Scotland, bolstered recently by a TITP appearance, and they’re currently working with local label Eli & Oz.