Radar Tip Of The Day 49: Theme Park

Anyone who’s anyone in 2011 seems to arrive fully-fledged… yet more often than not with a curious, eyebrow-raising yarn about a namechange wedged into proceedings too.

Where some wicked monikers have simply bitten the dust (Christian AIDS, Vagina Wolf, Teen Inc.), others, in this writer’s humble opinion, end up being vastly improved (DZ Deathrays, Viva Brother).

Theme Park, in case you thought the tracks below had a whiff of familiarity about them (they’re actually brand new, we should make clear), started out life as Ark People, who made an ever-so-tiny spash (hur hur) a couple of years ago before bowing out before they ever really got started. I’m not sure which name I prefer yet.

Anyroad, they’re back now – new name, new Talking Heads-y aesthetic and these two new tunes:

That’s ^ ‘Wax’.

And this is ‘A Mountain We Love’:

Both form their debut double A-side single, which is out on a limited edition run of 250 hand-numbered 7-inches on August 29 through new Transgressive spin-off label paradYse.

Members-wise these guys include twins Miles and Marcus Haughton and (Flash) Louis Bhose, who’s had stints helping out practically every other London band in existence in the past few years (Bombay Bicycle Club, Summer Camp and, er, Trafalgar to name but three). They’re playing it low-key in the live stakes at the moment, though you can catch ’em at London’s Lexington two days after the single comes out.