Radar Tip Of The Day 50: Widowspeak

I vaguely remember reading an early interview with Interpol where – and I am writing this from memory here so expect poetic license – the journalist turned up with a ghost hunter/medium with the aim of hooking Paul Banks up with Ian Curtis.

If memory serves, the point of it was because they sounded so similar, and the results were both a) disappointing, and b) infuriating (if you we’re a member of Interpol).

target=”_blank”>Widowspeak won’t find themselves in a similar situation. Mainly – admittedly – because neither their singer Molly Hamilton or her soundalike Hope Sandoval are dead yet, but also because I reckon it’s just pure mean to chastise the former for having a voice so perfectly beguiling. Even if it does sound similar…


The Brooklyn trio apparently have a penchant for rehearsing on their roof (and what’s not to love about that?), and they’ve got their first full-length coming out on Captured Tracks in August.

Check this early single:


And this rather nifty cover:


Can’t really go wrong with that voice and ‘Wicked Game’ can you?