Radar Tip Of The Day 51: Outfit

I’m not gonna make any bones about it – Outfit are one of the most intriguing and exciting bands to come outta Liverpool in ages.

I first saw them play at the city’s Bombed Out Church in May, a few months after they made their online debut with a song called Every Night I Dress Up As You . And today they unleashed what I thought was easily their best song at that gig.

It’s called ‘Two Islands’, and I still think it’s wicked now. Part Wild Beasts, part Clinic, part thinking as much out the box as any indie band have managed in 2011…it’s both tantalisingly epic and catchy. Anyway, take a listen (and I’ll warn you: it takes a minute to actually kick in):

The band’s next gig is at Brighton’s Green Door Store on August 30.