Radar Tip Of The Day 55: This Many Boyfriends

Yup, that is a nod to Beat Happening in their name. The Leeds fivepiece most certainly wouldn’t hide from that.

Pic: Press

Neither, according to their self-penned press release, will they shy away from saying what they think about what you’re thinking. Hence they note cannily: “If anyone calls us twee or cutesy we’ll knock their block off.”

Gulp. What else do we know about This Many Boyfriends then? Well, they’ve actually been around a few years, after forming due to a “shared love of playing pop music far too loud in rooms far too small”.

And they reckon they’ve had more line-up changes than The Fall.

Other than that, they’re alright with being compared to The Cribs, The Smiths and Orange Juice, but would also like to make it known that they dig PJ Harvey, The Slits, Spearmint, Jonathan Richman, Otis Redding and Joy Division.

Oh, and their new single, ‘Young Lovers Go Pop!’ (exclamation mark most definitely included on purpose) is released on Angular on August 22. Its chorus has not left my head since I first heard it…