Radar Tip Of The Day 57: Sisterland

Leicester’s Sisterland manage to nab the MASSIVE sounding drums from Pixies ‘Gouge Away’ and invent a totally dirty sounding Kim Deal-style bassline without making it come across like some crappy grunge rip off.


Here’s a demo of a song called ‘Dirty White’:

What makes it swim rather than sink, I think, is that it borrows the best bits of Frank Black’s lot but doesn’t dwell on them. So we get a load of lyrics that could only really come from England (about having a dirty bedroom, namely), and – halfway through – a swirly phaser sound that sweeps across the entire track and almost takes it in a baggy, John Leckie-esque direction. It takes it to a completely different level, actually.

I was gonna post a pic of the band but then found this video instead. It’s of the above song plus another more punky track, and it’s rather nifty: