Radar Tip Of The Day 60: Devin Therriault

I’ve actually had this song for ages, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything since it came out yonks ago and today and I remembered how utterly infectious it is.

Devin looks like a Grange Hill character if Grange Hill was filmed in New York and The Strokes (circa 2001) were the older bullies. He’s got a definite hint of the Fonze about him, namely the quiff (not as good as the Fonze’s) and the backing band of bespectacled geeks (as good as the Fonze’s).

Pic: Press

I’ll be honest, I’m not that keen on the quiff, but I do like the song.

It’s called ‘I Don’t Think I’, and he’s blatantly been listening to waaaaaaaaaay too much Elvis Costello, along with the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys and probably every other famous New Yoik punk legend. He’s from NYC too, I should probably point out.

He also obviously thinks of himself as a bit of a boy, as the pic that goes with the song on my iPod is of a nekkid lady, sprawled out on a towel in what looks like a dilapidated beach house. “Your boy,” Devin sings, “He don’t look like he got much / Don’t look like he want much / Don’t look like he’ll get much”

“And believe me when I tell you / That he don’t know nothin’ ’bout what I do”

I think Devin likes singing about shagging, basically.