Radar Tip Of The Day 62: Weird Dreams

There’s much mystery surrounding London’s Weird Dreams.

Did they really all meet in a second hand clothes shop in Brighton? How many tattoos does their drummer really have? And just how weird is their equally angelic and demonic frontman Doran Edwards?

All that will come later, no doubt because all you really need to go on right now is their music. They band’ve been around a while, steadily building a tight knit following around London by seemingly playing everywhere under the sun. Indeed about a month ago it seemed we couldn’t turn up to a gig anywhere without them being on the bill.

They’ve recorded a few EP’s so far, and we hear whispers of more substantial material in the non too distant future. But try this for a taste of what they’re about:

Mixed and mastered by the imitable Bratwell, the EP’s title track (‘Hypnagogic Lullaby’) is a swoony, Beach Boys-indebted melody king (and one of the most addictive little riffs I’ve heard all year).