Radar Tip Of The Day 63: Big Troubles

I’m all for bands growing out of their DIY beginnings, like Brooklyn-via-New Jersey fourpiece Big Troubles have done.

Their second album, the soon-to-be-released ‘Romantic Comedy’ (out October 3) is a way more luscious and grandiose affair than last year’s fuzzy debut ‘Worry’. Like Smith Westerns, they seemed to arrive stuck kneedeep in gritty distortion and near-incomprehensible vocals – half-embodying glam and half-embodying mega-subdued slacker rock. And like Smith Westerns, they’ve got rid of all that for their sophomore effort.

Reviewing them live for Radar back in June, NME’s Barry Nicolson noted that the more sun-bleached, straight-backed and downright direct sound of their new material suited them well. In particular, he picked out one newie – ‘Hole In The Head’ – as being “pure lo-fi power pop”.

Now renamed ‘Sad Girls’, I think it’s the perfect embodiment of what you can expect on ‘Romantic Comedy’: