Radar Tip Of The Day 64: Young Man

I caught this band last night supporting Theme Park at an ever buzzy Lexington show in London.

While it’s fair to say the majority of the people there were there to see Theme Park (indeed, you can read what we thought in next week’s mag), Young Man had a decent crowd too – and reception.

The project of Chicago-based Colin Caulfield, they’re a brilliantly enticing prospect. I say ‘they’, because live they’re a four piece. I particularly liked their last song, which was a beautifully ramshackle concoction lasting about seven minutes full of stops & starts and weird tempo shuffles. On record, where it’s just Colin doing his thing it seems to be more light, more honed in, but just as lovely. Colin, incidentally, looks like a young George Harrison (aka: cool) and the live band even reminded me a tiny bit of The Who (especially in that last number).

This song’s not that, but it’s still good: