Radar Tip Of The Day 65: Family Of The Year

Ready for some pristinely-executed, time-honoured North American tunesmithery?

From a rich, sweet-toothed tapestry seemingly lined with the DNA of Don MacLean, Ben Folds, Arcade Fire and, more recently Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes (with whom they’ve toured) come Family Of The Year.

On first listen, their ‘St. Croix EP’ (released on September 27) might seem a little too shiny and over-produced to truly get beneath your skin, but there’s quality in these songs – catchy quality. Here’s the title track:

And here’s my personal favourite from the EP, ‘Chugjug’. Miraculously, ‘cos I doubt the Head brothers got that far in mainstream America, it reminds me a tiny bit of Shack around the three minute mark. But I digress.