Radar Tip Of The Day 75: Mikal Cronin

Bit of a sly new band tip this, I guess, seeing as Mikal Cronin‘s been on the fringes of San Francisco’s nascent garage scene for a while.

But I’m gonna do it anyway, ‘cos his new solo album is all kinds of aceness and he’s always been in the shadows until now. Out on Trouble In Minds, the album starts with 30 seconds of harmonies nicked straight out of Brian Wilson’s back pocket, before turning into a mid-90s Evan Dando demo and then going haywire when a load of REALLY FUCKING LOUD drums kick in.

‘Is It Alright’, is its title. And it is alright. See:

A little bit more about Mikal (pronounced Michael): He’s Ty Segall’s right hand man, he fronts The Moonhearts and he’s played with a load of other recommended acts. And he likes Wreckless Eric (via Positive Destruction).

Here’s a couple more tunes: