Radar Tip Of The Day 76: Sealings

I went gig hopping in Brighton tonight. Ah, what a place. Basically I missed Love Inks‘ London gig a few days ago so thought I’d catch them by the sea instead (they were great), and by sheer coincidence it was also Tashaki Miyaki‘s their first ever UK gig, at the delectable Green Door Store venue right by the train station.

Incidentally you can see TM in London tomorrow (aka Wednesday, at the 100 Club), but supporting them in Brighton were today’s tips, Sealings. They’re still programming drums from their iPods but I thought they rocked. Two guys, two guitars, one song that sounded like a great, anthemic Pixies riposte and LOTS of lovely/torrential feedback. I think they even left a guitar feeding back for a whole song at one point, kind of using it as an a part of the tune rather than something that most people would turn the fuck off without thinking twice about it. Either that or they didn’t actually realise it was still plugged in.

Imagine my surprise when I got home, checked their Facebook and saw someone had made this gif of their performance:

It’s like you’re right there with them, huh?

They’ve had stuff out on Italian Beach Babes, and I think that once they get a drummer they’ll be even better. Until then, listen here: