Radar Tip Of The Day 79: ASAP Rocky

There’s a feeling Rocky is about to go global. Maybe it’s because the Harlem newcomer signed to Sony for billions recently. Maybe it’s because of ‘Purple Swag’, his ace ode to Mike Jones’ ‘Still Tippin’.

Pic: Press

Or maybe it’s because he once rapped over ‘Bittersweet Symphony’.


Actually it’s definitely the latter isn’t it? Ashcroft the saviour and whatnot. Ahem. Anyway, his latest tune ‘Trilla’ is taken from a forthcoming mixtape collab with Clams Casino called ‘LiveLoveA$AP’ (out…soon, according to Rocky), and it allows him to introduce the rest of the ASAP family. That acronym stands for Accumulate Status And Power, if you were wondering.

Download the official version of ‘Trilla’ from Liveloveasap.com, or, if you’d rather, stream the live video:

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