Radar Tip Of The Day 80: Exitmusic

You could say Exitmusic are the perfect east-meets-west coast US band for 2011.

Photo: Press

The husband-wife duo of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church started in LA a couple of years back, making tentative waves across the pond before, well, fizzling out. Then, a move to New York – for a reinvention of sorts.

They’re not a whole lot different, but you can easily combine elements of both coasts into their music. Dreamy psych crossed with icy arch-rumble angular guitar stabs. Or something like that. Above all though, they’re just better now. Better songs, better presence. People have likened them to Sigor Ros but I’m not really buying it. Yeah, there’s an ethereal quality to their schtick, but the way the songs build really reminds me of cuts from Interpol‘s first record, or maybe a more fired-up, angry Beach House.

In any case, they’re playing CMJ soon. And I think pretty much everyone I know in NYC has told me they’re unmissable.

Here’s a vid for ‘The Hours’:

After CMJ they head to the UK, supporting Braids at XOYO in London on November 9 (and adding a few more dates too, I’m told). The band release their EP ‘From Silence’ via Secretly Canadian on 7 November.