Radar Tip Of The Day 81: Mafia Lights

One of the best things about Mafia Lights is undoubtedly the fact they all got arrested during a recent attempt to shoot a video shoot at a very, very famous south London building, spending a total of 80 hours in police custody.

Mafia Lights

However, I’m not allowed to tell you any more than that because the band might get sued. I really, really want to, but I really, really can’t. FFS.

You’ll have to console yourselves with a different video instead.

The band then, are utterly befitting of the Surrey scene they’ve crawled out of (also featuring Vondelpark, Amusement and Disclosure), and as singer Joel puts it, their schtick mainly revolves around: “lovelorn future ballads and tribal metal jams”.

‘West’, below, is pretty much one of those:

They’re set to release a new EP on Teeth records early next year, and also play London’s Binnacle festival this weekend.