Radar Tip Of The Day 83: Azealia Banks

I love the fact that somebody, somewhere had to remove the word “cunt” out of Azealia Banks‘ new video ‘212’ about 40 times in order to make the clean version Radio 1 are currently wetting themselves over.

Pic: Press

She’s probably into it too, judging by the copy I just put through of a Radar interview she did with us for the mag soon. The New Yorker’s a total quote machine, and rightly so – she’s got a lot to talk about, having been signed and then dumped by XL a couple of years back. Her tale of Manhattan fuckery ‘212’ (aka the area code for the borough) is 3 minutes 25 seconds of pure filth-pop. Sample lyric: “I’mma ruin your cunt!”

Although it’s actually been online a while, the video – linked here – is what’s kicking up a megafuss.

I’d love to embed it here but it keeps getting banned from YouTube and Vimeo, and I’m fucked if I can find a decent copy anywhere. Why? Because Lazy Jay is going mental about the fact Banks didn’t get permission for sampling ‘Float My Boat’ beforehand. Azealia’s people say they couldn’t get hold of Lazy Jay, hence them giving the track away for free. Whatever. Or, as the YouTube user underdog43 puts it here: “THIS TIT HAD AZEALIA’S 212 VIDEO TAKEN DOWN ‘CAUSE HE’S A GIANT TWAT BURGER”


All that means is you’re gonna have to go to this weird YouTube copycat site to watch it. Is all that text in Russian? I dunno.

If you can’t see that console yourself with the song here, and a load of clips of Azealia messing around at some photo shoot recently.