Radar Tip Of The Day 84: War Of Words

Been wondering what Ben from La Roux’s been up to this past year? Nope, me neither.

Want a hint? Nope…I mean, yep, me too. He’s been preeeeetty busy, that’s what. He’s the brains behind War Of Words, who as well as having a pretty cool name, also have some rather fine tunes. If La Roux hark back to the icy popsicle veneer of 80s Britain, then Abi Browning and Lucy Duffield from the duo are full-on fifth-gear 90s pop sheen.

Here’s ‘Battleground’:

If you want to be all clever and po-faced about the way they sound, you could say there are hints of Massive Attack circa ‘Blue Lines’ in there. I’ll just say it’s catchy and adolescent and kinda some of the best stuff Ben’s come up with so far. Which means it’s pretty decent obviously.

They’re being ultra edgy by releasing not one, but TWO debut singles on the same day. That day is December 4, and the second of those (for the first is above) is called ‘Panic’:

Ben and Elly La Roux appear on remix duties (shock horror).

Oh, and Kelis loves the band and has given them a track, which they say they might use in the future. Or they might not. So now you know.