Radar Tip Of The Day 88: Fidlar

FIDLAR! F-I-D-L-A-R! That means “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”. Yeah!!

Fidlar are from Los Angeles, and they spent the whole of CMJ rolling around stages while off their heads, and generally being more bratty than most other bands allow themselves to be these days. That means that while they weren’t quite up to The Dead Boys’ standards, they were definitely one of the most interesting acts I saw out there.

One of their dad’s is apparently a famous surfer, or maker of surf-wax or something (hopefully Zog’s Sex Wax, I love that shit), and they write songs called things like ‘Wake Bake Skate’, which should give you an idea of their aesthetic. They remind me of Pixies a lot (an obvious link, given the singer’s Frank Black style screeeeeeam), but there’s also some really, really nice’n’fuzzy guitars in there that sound like they’ve been nicked from the blueprint Death In Vegas followed on ‘Aiesha’. No bad thing.

Like on ‘Max Can’t Surf’: