Radar Tip Of The Day 89: The Men

If you like Milk Music (and a fair few of you did, from what I can gage), you should check out today’s tip The Men.

They’re based in Brooklyn and have played with the Olympia rockers a few times, and both bands have a knack of writing brilliantly meaty tunes which sound as primal as MC5 yet with a rehtoric that’s refreshingly un-retro or cliched.

I first became aware of them when we reviewed Iceage in New York a few months ago. I wasn’t there (being from London), but someone who was told me about the support act, who were completely off the hook live, while on record sounding like an ultra-heavy, compelling mash up of everything from X-Ray Spex to Husker Du.

Stupidly, I put them on the back burner for a while. Pretty gutted about that now. If I’m being honest, I want these guys and Milk Music to take over US rock next year, because they’re two of the best new bands I’ve heard from anywhere in 2011.

We’ve got more on Milk Music in next week’s issue – but until then check out The Men’s first ever European tourdates below. And, you know, go along if you can…

12/7/2011: Paris, France, Espace
12/9/2011: Dijon, France, Consortium- Generiq Fest (w/Cults)
12/10/2011: Belfort, France, Poudiere (w/Black Lips)
12/11/2011: Strousbourg, France @ TBA
12/12/2011: Rotterdam, Netherlands, Exit
12/13/2011: London, UK, Madame Jojo’s White Heat
12/14/2011: London, UK, Shacklewell Arms