Radar Tip Of The Day 91: Loved Ones

We love Outfit, we do. Not since the heady days of ’02 have we witnessed a Scouse band with as much passion… as much bullshitty attitude…as much eclectic brilliance as them.

So, it’s befitting that we love their friends (possibly). Yes, we love Loved Ones. A Radar writer from Liverpool put us onto them a few weeks ago, describing their nonstop genius as unmissable. He was, on reflection, kind of right. Though in fairness we vaguely already knew them as part of Seal Cub Clubbing Club (that’ll be Nik Glover) and The Laze (ditto Richard Hurst), which softened the blow somewhat. But both admirable bands, in any case.

Anyroad, here’s Loved Ones’ new tune, which is called ‘Hell’. A great name for a suitably deferential piece of music: