Radar Tip Of The Day 92: Wet Nuns

“Blues-punk (not blue-spunk) red-necks from deepest south’n’wildest West Yorkshire. Contact our manager for gigs/interviews/sex…”

And so go’s Wet Nuns‘ biog bit on their Facebook page. They might be a joke, actually, and fittingly they’re a bit like what would happen if The Datsuns and QOTSA had done the dirty together in the early noughties, or maybe a much, much, MUCH cooler Black Keys with Arctic Monkeys’ sense of humour.

Which is of course apt, seeing as Monkey drummer Matt Helders has remixed a couple of their numbers recently.

Away from Helders, we’ll alert you to their new single proper though, which totally rocks. It’s got a brilliant name too – ‘Heavens Below’:

And then there’s this fun, if non-eventful, ‘cockumentary’ they filmed of themselves last year at Tramlines festival. The bit with the dude playing the harmonica with his nose is particularly noteworthy: