Radar Tip Of The Day 93: Breton

I don’t think there’s any other British band quite as wrapped up in their own aesthetic as Breton right now.

The Kennington-based outfit – whose debut single ‘Edward The Confessor’ is out on Monday (November 21) – live and work in a disused bank, for starters. They wear hoods onstage while employing a VJ to cut up their own homemade films (in real time). They operate both as a band and as a collective, going by the name BretonLABS. Through that they’ve produced videos for the like of Flats and Penguin Prison, as well as themselves.

They make WU LYF look like Status Quo, basically.

If the music was shit, of course, all of this would be hilarious and sad and not worthy of either yours or my time.

But this is kind of great:

There’s an album, already recorded and being mastered now, to be released next March.