Radar Tip Of The Day 94: Black Onassis

When Kasabian founder-member Chris Karloff departed the band a few years ago, I guess most people thought he’d go the same way as Guigsy from Oasis.

Where is Guigsy now? What the hell’s he doing these days? Does he still smoke weed and blab on about Robin Friday and Rolos all the time? Anyway, the fact is Chris was a lot more important to Kasabian than Beaky, Mick and Titch…sorry, Bonehead et al were to Liam and Noel. He co-wrote shitloads of their first album and was, sonically speaking, something of an approaching mastermind.

“Leaving Kasabian was like getting kicked in the bollocks,” he told us a couple of weeks back, adding rather cryptically: “I didn’t really leave, it was a case of them saying, ‘Look, we can’t really work with you here.’ There were two strong creative heads [Karloff and Serge Pizzorno] going up against each other. It was shit but when you get kicked in the bollocks, you kneel down, take a breath, and you carry on walking.”

After years of doing just that, Karloff’s now finally got a new set-up he’s pleased with, called Black Onassis. They’re not a million miles away from Kasabian in sound, or any of those guitar bands who have dance tendencies, but there’s something quite meaty about his new tunes, which are all sung by different vocalists – people he’s hooked up with from time following the Kasabian split in New York.

This song, ‘Innocence Bliss’ makes me think of Primal Scream (a great thing, obviously) and comes via the band’s website Blackonassis.com :