Radar Tip Of The Day 95: Citizens!

Radar bumped into Alex Kapranos the other night, keenly checking out new bands in London’s east end. Even though he’s always been someone who genuinely seems to give a shit about his craft, it was still kind of surprising to see him so readily on the look out for The Next Big Thing.

But not that surprising. He has, of course, donned his producers hat in recent times, and that’ll lead us very nicely onto today’s Tip Of The Day, thank you very much – Citizens!

That’s Citizens! with an exclamation mark, if you were wondering.

The Londoners, who met randomly at a houseparty and are new on Kitsune, have recently released the first fruits of their Kapranos-produced endeavours in the form of debut single ‘True Romance’. And now, the track’s got a new video to go alongside it, directed by none other than the High 5 Collective (Frank Ocean, Trash Talk).

Watch it below: