Radar Tip Of The Day 97: THESHINING

There’s something so addictive about THESHINING‘s debut single ‘HEYYOU’.

While their choice of capping everything up annoys the fuck out of me, I can’t say much bad at all about the track, which is out on Young Turks on December 12. I was gonna reel off a load of in-depth stuff about why it reminds me of Beck’s ‘Loser’, Cee Lo Green, ‘Walking On The Moon’ by The Police and Fela Kuti…but really, I think that would belittle it. Instead I’ll simply say it’s a great song, with a chorus that deserves to annihilate national/local/college/internet radio. It’s too good to fall by the wayside, basically.

And here it is:


If you like that you’ll also be wanting to check out their recent set for the Boiler Room.